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Separators CAD of AEROMEH plant at AgriPlanta-RomAgroTec 2019 in Romania

On May 16-19, AgriPlanta-RomAgroTec-2019 agrarian exhibition was held in Romania.

“From Passion to Agriculture” is the motto under which AgriPlanta-RomAgroTec successfully combines all the most important things in Romanian agriculture since spring 2011.

The event, deployed in field conditions on an area of ​​more than 36 hectares, combines three components to ensure its effectiveness.

AgriPlanta-RomAgroTec means:
field exhibition;
demonstration lots;
demonstration of agricultural machinery.

Farmers find here not only qualitative methods, but also successful models of using machines and agricultural equipment, materials or solutions prepared by companies in the industry. AgriPlanta-RomAgroTec is a platform for communication between farmers, professionals and equipment manufacturers.

Despite the difficult weather conditions, the exhibition was filled with visitors. Your attention is a small photo report from this event.

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