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Separators CAD on SIMA Paris international agribusiness show

The exhibition SIMA (Salon International de la Machine Agricole) is the largest international professional exhibition of mechanical engineering for agriculture and animal husbandry.

SIMA-SIMAGENA is currently the only exhibition in the world to showcase large agricultural machinery and livestock, along with an exhibition of over 400 head of cattle, not to mention sectors such as rural development, sustainable energy and irrigation, the last of which is growing particularly strongly. The exhibition is becoming more international, the number of foreign exhibitors is growing. More than 41 countries are represented.

The demonstration of separators CAD at the SIMA exhibition aroused great interest among farmers. Sorting seeds by specific gravity is a very necessary condition for obtaining biologically valuable seed. In Europe, very common organic farming. And CAD separators are a necessary link in the way of obtaining organic products. Some farmers are already using our equipment in a chain to produce clean and healthy seeds. The CAD separator attracted by its uniqueness and ease of operation.

The AEROMECH plant is constantly expanding its sales geography. And today, the SIMA exhibition in Paris has shown a great need in Europe for our TECHNOLOGY FOR PRODUCING HIGH-YIELDING SEEDS with the help of CAD separators.




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